• * This accessible transportation is not a taxi service and please make a 24 hour advance reservation


Being disabled shouldn't limit you. You should be given ways and means to live life in just as much ease and comfort as the next person. We, at DeSoto Access Transportation, understand this need to fit in better than any other accessible service there is in town. We offer you Accessible Transportation to help you get around easily, in comfort and in style.

Our Tri-Valley's Accessible Vehicles is one of the most efficient and handy vehicles made especially with your needs in mind. We want to make travelling a hassle free experience for you. A Bay Area Accessible Transportation is just a call away.

Striving to make life easy for the disabled, our transportation services offer just the right solutions..

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from including the Handicapped Transportation Pleasanton and the Wheelchair Ramp Transportation Pleasanton, all part of the amazing range of vehicles from Bay Area Accessible Transportation. With changing times and modern technology, why should you settle for anything less that the newest means of transport created for you? We believe that no one, able or disabled, should ever drive in discomfort and hence, we offer only the best solutions